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Type Slab
Category Granite
Origin Italy
Color White

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DISCLAIMER: ULTRA STONES is a wholesale distributor for natural stones such as marble, granite, onyx, quartzite, travertine, limestone, dolomite etc. Any products that we offer and are displayed on our website are classified and categorized as per industry standard, and are not based on their geological formation or content. We do not offer any warranty or guarantee on any of our products. If for the customer, the exact geological classification and category is necessary, then we suggest that customer hires an independent agency which expertises in geological and mining testing and gets it verified and certified. We do not offer any warranty or guarantee or certification for durability, performance, longevity, classification, on our products. Also any product is subjected to stain, discoloration, etching, water absorption and any seen or unforeseen change or damage. We offer our materials in different colors, shape, size, finish, thickness and they are subjected to all sorts of variations and are vulnerable to natural, mechanical, chemical or any other type of defects. Its the responsibility of the consumer to get a full disclosure and understanding of the product from the Fabricator, Contractor, Installer or whoever the end consumer is sourcing the material from. ULTRA STONES offers product to the clients in AS IS form and condition, once the product is sold and accepted by the client, ULTRA STONES is relived from any type and form of responsibility. It will be the clients duty to preserve the material and bear full responsibility until it is delivered to the end consumer. Natural Stones consist of various minerals, feldspars, micas, quartz etc. We recommend the client and the end consumer to get full understanding of the material and only after that make a selection. We do not offer any replacement slabs or any other type of discount once the product is sold. ULTRA STONES is not responsible for any liability or damage caused by the material to any one in any form. We also recommend to the client and the end consumer to understand the wear and tear aspect of the product, and obtains full knowledge on the maintenance of the desired stone. Any surface of the product such as polish, leather, brushed, antique, honed, etc. may consist, natural impurities, pits, pin holes, fissures, and small cracks etc., which may not be visible at the time of purchase but may appear after normal use or over period of time, no claims regarding these issues or any other issues should be made to ULTRA STONES by the client or the end consumer. Such things are normal and natural and should be acceptable by the client and the end consumer. In these situations, end consumer can reach out to the installer and try to get it fixed by remedies offered by the installer. In addition to protection of the surface of countertops, end consumer has to take extraordinary measures to prevent any type of incident. It is advised to avoid direct contact of wine bottles, beer bottles, juices, vinegar, acidic substances etc. as it may either develop bottle rings or stains and etching. All the product information and category displayed on the website is a general representation of the product and it should not be used in any official documents, projects or government purposes. For instance to use product description to bid on a job or to make a sale. We maintain and update our website and disclaimer from time to time. The disclaimer only provides general information, which may not be exact and precise. If the client and end consumer need more information, then they are advised to do distinctive search from other resources. For any other information, Please contact your sales representative at ULTRA STONES. All rights reserved.